MOPAC: Team Building Through Cooking


Meet Other People and Cook: Culinary Social Networking

MOPAC Private Group Events

A MOPAC Group Event is a unique and fun opportunity to celebrate the people on your team. 

Events blend exotic cooking with social activities. You'll be stirring up something delicious while having a blast with your group.

MOPAC Group Events are great for
+business team building


What do you do at MOPAC Group Events?
At MOPAC you and your team will cook an exotic meal. You will receive simple and detailed instruction from our chefs. You will also learn the basics and not-so-basics of the cuisine creation. Our on site facilitators work with you and your group throughout the event. We work with you to create the event just the way you want it. 

We provide your team with a variety of activities that expand communication and engage participants  throughout the event. Our activities facilitate
-expanded communication among teams
-increased productivity and creativity


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