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Cilantro is one of the most widely used herbs in fresh cooking. It’s fragrant yet pungent taste adds a tangy subtle flavor to meats—especially chicken, beef and lamb. Cilantro is used in numerous Latin dishes--especially Mexican. One of my favorite uses for cilantro is in salsa and chicken. I weaned myself off store bought salsa after a friend of mine made me fresh tomato salsa. I believe no self-respecting foodie could ever go back to store bought salsa after knowing how to make it yourself. So here you go! 

Junior's Salsa

a. Lime
b. Roma tomato
c. Fresh cilantro
d. Tabasco Sauce
e. Red onion


1. Squeeze the juice of one half of a lime.
2. Chop 1 Roma tomato finely.
3. Chop 8 leaves of cilantro finely.
4. Chop one tablespoon red onion finely.
5. Mix all the ingredients well and add salt and Tabasco sauce to taste.
6. Enjoy
7. Serves 1.

by Charles Mathison

Last updated by MOPAC Feb 3, 2012.

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